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Behavioral sleep medicine (BSM) is a growing discipline of sleep medicine that focuses on the assessment and treatment of the cognitive (thoughts) and behavioral (actions) aspects of sleep disorders.

  • Encompasses a variety of treatments to address the factors that interfere with sleep quality, quantity and daytime function

  • Provides methods of treating sleep problems without using medication, or as an adjunct to using medication

  • Involves identifying and modifying specific cognitive and behavioral factors that trigger, perpetuate, or reinforce unhealthy sleep habits

  • Relies on scientific evidence to support its use

Many medical providers and people don’t know that these very effective treatments are available. That’s where we can make a difference. Our goals are to:

  • Educate your clientele about the importance of sleep health

  • Raise awareness about the deleterious effects on untreated sleep disorders and adverse consequences sleep deprivation

  • Identify available options for specific sleep problems and disorders

  • Direct your clientele toward cutting edge treatments

  • Provide knowledge and the first line of defense against sleep problems

We aim to tailor our knowledge expertise and approaches to you and your group’s particular needs.

Behavioral Sleep Medicine: About
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