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In today's fast-paced society, obtaining healthy adequate sleep is often sacrificed in exchange for meeting personal, work, family, or other demands and obligations. Over time the effects of sleep deprivation and sleep disorders can be severe and take their toll on almost every other aspect of life: psychological and physical health, social academic, athletic and occupational function and even safety and longevity.

  • Approximately 30% of individuals suffer from insomnia symptoms and upwards of 10% suffer from chronic insomnia

  • Between 50-70 million Americans suffer with a chronic sleep disorder

  • Loss of productivity associated with fatigue is estimated to cost nearly $2000 per employee per year

  • Workers with high ratings of sleepiness are 70% more likely to be involved in accidents than workers without sleepiness

  • According to the National Sleep Foundation polling, 35% of Americans rate their sleep quality as “poor” or “only fair”

  • Women are 2.5X more likely to suffer from insomnia compared to men

  • Sleep duration is associated with weight gain

  • Sleepiness accounts for career longevity in Major League Baseball

  • According to he American Academy of Sleep Medicine, data from the NHTSA suggests found that “ drowsy driving causes more than 8,000 deaths on American roads each year, and these fatal accidents are associated with an estimated $109 billion in societal harm. The AAA Foundation for Traffic Safety estimates that 21 percent of fatal car crashes involve a drowsy driver, with young adults between the ages of 16 and 24 years having the highest risk of driving drowsy

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